Suan Loong Daeng Farm Stay

How to find us

How to get here:

From Ubon Ratchathani the easiest way is to jump in a taxi.
Ask the taxi driver to go to Nam Yum and our resort is 13 km west on road 2248.
Total distance 110 km. Approx. 1.000 THB

From Bangkok several buses going from North Eastern Bus Terminal Mor Chit passes our farm entrance every day. Look for buses that goes to Buntharik/Nacha Luai/Nam Yun. They will all leave in the afternoon/evening, and will arrive early in the morning. Tell the driver to stop at Suan Loong Daeng, which is located 13 km before Nam Yun.


You can also fly or take the day or night train to Ubon Ratchathani city.

From Ubon local buses go to Det Udom, where you change bus to Nam Yun.

In Nam Yun take a tuktuk/songtaew to Suan Loong Daeng or call us on 045318160 / 0819251620, and we will pick you up!

We can also pick you up in Ubon, but have to charge you the cost of diesel.



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